Terri Pease

RootEd co-founder

Terri Pease is the co-founder of RootED, a grassroots organization that advocates for public schools in San Antonio, through storytelling, educating parents on the importance of public schools, and advocacy at the state capitol. Terri and a group of parents started RootEd in response to the rising numbers of parents and guardians searching for alternatives to public schools. The RootEd parents realized that a lot of their peers didn’t know about the innovative programs, benefits, and pathways found in their own neighborhood public schools. They also realized that sometimes the reasons for parents not choosing public schools was due to misperceptions and untruths. They came together to help dispel myths and re-introduce their peers to the wonderful opportunities available for their children through their neighborhood, traditional public schools.

Terri's Stories

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Commentary: Thank you school leaders!

A profound thank you to all school directors for their dedicated service to their students, communities, taxpayers and school districts.

Being a Teacher in an Arizona Charter School Was Destroying My Husband’s Health

If anyone thinks that people pushing privatization are working to improve education, all they need to do is spend some time in Arizona.

I Left Charter School Teaching for Public School Teaching. I Am So Glad I Did

I love working with students and teaching. Now I get to enjoy it because I am supported and respected for my talents in a public school.

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