About Us

America’s greatness and prosperity is directly linked to the strength and quality of our public schools, our communities, and our ability to nurture today’s children, preparing them for a world of future possibilities. This is why community public schools stand as the overwhelming choice of American families. 


Unfortunately our great investments in our children, in our future, are being systematically dismantled, thwarting our shared dream of equipping every child with the skills, resources,  and confidence to thrive. There has been a radical movement gaining traction, led by those who see a selfish, short-term opportunity in dismantling our public school system, brick-by-brick, desk-by-desk, student-by-student. They seek to defund our public schools, divesting in our shared vision, and diverting our public funds into private pockets through charter schools, school vouchers, online schools, and other unpopular and low-quality privatization schemes.


That’s not good for our democracy or our future.


And it is certainly not good for the vast majority of America’s children who are educated in our public schools, as the resources that should be invested in preparing them, fly out the door.


Public Voices for Public Schools is a project of the Network for Public Education Action, an organization of over 350,000 public school advocates dedicated to the preservation and improvement of our public schools.


Here we give voice to former voucher and charter parents, educators, parents and community members who work tirelessly in their communities every day to improve our public schools, even as they fight well-funded efforts to privatize their schools. Together, we enter the dialogue about the importance of public education and our personal struggles to help schools improve. 


Protecting our students is no easy task, and your voice is equally important. That’s why we will empower you to make a difference by posting both state and national alerts in support of public schools. Each and every one of us has the opportunity to be advocates to protect our community-governed public schools from those who see them not as a public treasure, but as something to be commodified, a taxpayer-funded “cash cow” to enrich themselves.


Please join us by signing up here so you can be connected to our national network of advocates like yourself, where you will receive notices every time a story is posted or an alert is issued. We are all in this together. And together we can save our schools.