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Ruth Kravetz

Co-Founder Community Voices for Public Education

Ruth Kravetz is a longtime educator, parent, and advocate. She co-founded Community Voices for Public Education, a multi-racial, community-based not-for-profit that unites parents, educators, students, and community members to advocate for strong and equitable public schools. She spent three decades as a Houston ISD math/chemistry teacher and school administrator including several years teaching in The Gambia, Bolivia, and Panama. She was a local/regional teacher of the year, taught pre-service teachers at the University of Houston and is a proud union member.

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When Public Schools Close, Our Communities Suffer

The Missouri GOP supermajority has been defunding our public schools for over a decade, but the last five years have been at breakneck speed.

Houston ISD Hostile State Takeover: Our Fight to Take Back Our Schools

State-appointed Superintendent Mike Miles is taking Houston ISD down the road to perdition and our children are the losers.

HB 1422 Cyber Charter Reform – A Bipartisan Call to Get it Done

Statewide, the reforms included in HB 1422 could save school districts – and taxpayers – more than $400 million.

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