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Rachel Levy

Education Advocate

Rachel Levy is a nationally recognized public education advocate, blogger, parent, and teacher. She has also served as a leader of the group Friends of Hanover Schools, as a local PTA unit leader, on several committees of the local school districts in her area, on then Governor-elect Ralph Northam’s PK-12 policy council, as a local Education Association president, and on the Education Committee at her synagogue. Rachel ran in 2021 for the Virginia House of Delegates 55th District seat. She has a PhD in educational leadership and policy. You can check out her website here, and can find her on facebook and Instagram at @rachelfordelegate and on twitter at @rachelannelevy.

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Don’t Be Fooled. Education Savings Accounts are a Taxpayer-funded ATM for Private and Homeschool Parents 

Iowans deserve better than an education system cluttered with misinformation, waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer money.

Maine “Town Academy” Voucher School Refused to Address Racial Intimidation

These voucher schools are "private schools'' when it is convenient and "public" when they want public money

What’s the real cost of charter school tuition?

It’s time for our elected officials to represent the interests of taxpayers and pass meaningful charter school reform.

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