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Rachel Levy

Education Advocate

Rachel Levy is a nationally recognized public education advocate, blogger, parent, and teacher. She has also served as a leader of the group Friends of Hanover Schools, as a local PTA unit leader, on several committees of the local school districts in her area, on then Governor-elect Ralph Northam’s PK-12 policy council, as a local Education Association president, and on the Education Committee at her synagogue. Rachel ran in 2021 for the Virginia House of Delegates 55th District seat. She has a PhD in educational leadership and policy. You can check out her website here, and can find her on facebook and Instagram at @rachelfordelegate and on twitter at @rachelannelevy.

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Public School Defenders in West Virginia Inspire Advocates Nationwide

Ample research demonstrates that voucher programs do not improve academic outcomes and often significantly diminish them.

Inspiring with a Garden

In my school, our focus on green learning teaches students and their families that they are part of a beautiful world. 

Universal Vouchers Hurt Arizona’s Children

Arizona's universal voucher program is a walking permission slip for future scandal, segregation, fraud and abuse.

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