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Trevor Nelson

co-founder of Right 2 Safe Schools AZ
public school advocate

Trevor Nelson was born and raised in Alaska and now calls Scottsdale, Arizona home. The parent of 4 school aged children, Trevor is a former science teacher, a public school advocate, and the co-founder of www.Right2SafeSchoolsAZ.org. His journey in parent advocacy began when his school district abruptly replaced his daughter’s kindergarten teacher. Trevor complained to the school board and was encouraged by other parents to get involved. He has since served on twelve different district committees. Follow him on Twitter @ctrevornelson.

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Ample research demonstrates that voucher programs do not improve academic outcomes and often significantly diminish them.

Inspiring with a Garden

In my school, our focus on green learning teaches students and their families that they are part of a beautiful world. 

Universal Vouchers Hurt Arizona’s Children

Arizona's universal voucher program is a walking permission slip for future scandal, segregation, fraud and abuse.

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