Lily Littrell

Student Organizer

Lily Littrell (she/her) is a senior at Parkview High School in Gwinnett County. She currently works with the Georgia Youth Justice Coalition and their school board redistricting efforts. She has previously helped lead GYJC’s Georgia Students for Democracy Research Team, which focused on state-level elections. Her focus is community outreach and coalition-building within Gwinnett County. She has a twin sister who also attends school in Gwinnett County.        

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Commentary: Thank you school leaders!

A profound thank you to all school directors for their dedicated service to their students, communities, taxpayers and school districts.

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If anyone thinks that people pushing privatization are working to improve education, all they need to do is spend some time in Arizona.

I Left Charter School Teaching for Public School Teaching. I Am So Glad I Did

I love working with students and teaching. Now I get to enjoy it because I am supported and respected for my talents in a public school.

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