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Jessica Wani

Public School Advocate

Jessica Wani lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is a parent to two school-aged children. She is an attorney currently working in health law and policy research. Jessica’s view that public education is fundamental to a strong democracy and robust economy led her to grassroots advocacy as a way to strengthen Arizona communities and to help break down barriers. Since she moved to

Arizona in 2011 with her family she has held various leadership positions for statewide and local public education campaigns, pro-public education candidates, and she led her school district-wide parent group for two consecutive terms. Most recently, Jessica co-founded

Right2SafeSchoolsAZ.org a nonpartisan coalition of scientists, medical health professionals, lawyers, and families uniting for safe schools for all Arizona kids in response to the politicization of public health in Arizona. Connect with Jessica on twitter at @JessicaWaniEsq.

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