Dountonia Batts

Public School Advocate

Dountonia S. Batts is a community advocate who has a passion for truth, justice, and equity in housing, education, economic development, and family court reform. She has a Juris Doctorate degree from Indiana Tech Law School; a Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management from Indiana Wesleyan University; and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Counseling from Crossroads Bible College.

Dountonia is a high school English teacher; co-founder of the Appellate Justice Project for Domestic Violence Survivors, Inc.; adjunct Professor at Crossroads Bible College; owner of Scriptura Grant Writing & Fundraising Professionals LLC; former President and current Vice President of the Riverside Investment Club, LLC; and, the former Executive Director/Organizer of the IPS Community Coalition Inc.

She is a board member of the Indiana Coalition of Public Education, an Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools City Table Leader, and a local campaign strategist. Dountonia and her husband, Dr. Ramon L. Batts, live in Indianapolis, Indiana. They have eight successful children between them.

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